Game of Futbol: A Song of Neighborhoods and Glory

By Luke Boly,  Teresa Tatum


Season seven of our favorite show—the best show on TV right now, as reported by ICF Media Mom Teresa Tatum—Game of Thrones premiers this Sunday night on HBO. What better way to commemorate this lucky seventh season than by putting a GOT twist on our weekly power rankings. By the way, has anyone talked to the ICF Media Boss lately? He hasn't been seen since the last set of rankings was released. No matter. As they say—In the game of futbol, you either win... or you die. 

House Baratheon of Upper Downtown

The fury of Upper Downtown may be the answer to ending Mapleton's rule. Too bad we'll have to wait until playoffs to find out.


The Wildlings of Mile Square

Like the Free Folk, this group spans far and wide, and is comprised of many downtown clans. 


House Martell of Speedway

This patient team is boldly strategizing their move to the top, proving to be an unknown wildcard.


House Tyrell of Garfield 

Their overall standings are represented by their sigil of a four-leaf clover: luck. Luck or not, one could say they are "growing strong" in rankings.


The Faceless Men of Mass Ave

Valar morghulis? More like, valar dohaeris. This team has proven its dedication to serving the community.


House Frey of Midtown

This team may know how to put on a good postgame celebration of feasting and drinking, but caution is advised as they're known to turn around and slaughter their newfound friends later on the pitch.


House Clegane of Irvington

Akin to the Mountain himself, this team is led by a manager and goalkeeper who never flinches heading into battle... and might even pop a ball with his bare hands.


House Baelish of Fletcher Place

A small team from a very small 'hood, few suspect this team of being a threat. But even the smallest can be a formidable player in the game.


House Stark of Old North

Once Kings of the North (or League), they've dropped in the rankings after suffering losses equal to Stark family members. Maybe some prayers to the Lord of Light will revive their status.


The Night's Watch of the West

They've pledged their lives to the game by taking the black, and hold true to their oath to "win no glory"—at least this season.


House Lannister of Broad Ripple 

What won't this cunning team resort to in order to find their way back on top—there isn't a cache of green wildfire under the field, is there?


House Mormont of Bates-Hendricks

May not be a winning group, but they sure are a proud one. It is said that every player from Bates-Hendricks drinks with the alcohol tolerance of 10 frat guys.


House Targaryen of Fountain Square

The dragon has three heads... and this squad has three managers. This once proud team has been knocked to the bottom but is looking to make a return after their second consecutive win.


The Dothraki of Woodruff Place

As their transit points show, this group relies on horses—or cars—to make the journey across the great city to the West.


House Tully of Herron Morton

Highly concerned with duty to their team, they have developed a reputation for not surrendering easily, having only allowed five goals so far this season 


House Greyjoy of Meridian-Kessler

With no afterparty of their own, this team spends time raiding other afterparties and making many power plays on the field.


House Bolton of Cottage Home

"Our cleats are sharp." Words of a feared and ruthless team known for flaying the skin from soccer balls after a win


The Unsullied of Mapleton

Elite players from unknown lands taken at youth. Famed for their skills and operating as a single unit.