Week One Recap

By MJ Dunne


Though the standings tell a different story, we think the first week of the season was a huge win for everyone. Thanks, futbollers, for a great first week of play! Now here's your week 1 recap—

6 p.m. Games

Field #1: Real West vs. Real Fletcher Place

Real Fletcher Place came up on top in the Battle “Royal” against Real West. Both teams saw significant roster changes, which may have been the cause for Real West’s loss. However, the real game changer was Real Fletcher Place’s rookie keeper, C. Santangelo. He’s definitely a player to watch this season.

Field #2: Upper Downtown FC vs. Meridian-Kessler United

It’s hard to play against the army that is Upper Downtown FC. Known for its long roster, they have plenty of subs to keep legs fresh. Despite this, Meridian-Kessler United kept the game a close 1-1, but failed to come back after Upper Downtown FC’s second goal.

Field #3: AC Mile Square vs. Midtown FC

Super Team? Are the rumors true? It remains to be seen, but no one can doubt that Midtown FC had a strong 5-1 opener against AC Mile Square. Thor’s Other Hammer is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

7 p.m. Games

Field #1: Sporting Herron Morton vs. Broad Ripple City

Arguably the most important game of kickoff week: two-time ICF champions Sporting Herron Morton vs. 2016 champs Broad Ripple City (BRC). BRC team manager Sandlin had his eyes on the W, but his dreams were dashed with a heartbreaking 5-0 loss. Sporting Herron Morton’s legacy continues.

Field #2: Old North United vs. Bates-Hendricks FC

Bates-Hendricks FC’s strategy of using their “binder full of women” surprisingly did them some good, even if the end result was not in their favor. After a 2-1 loss to Old North United, League fans are interested to see how Bates’ binder works out for them next week.

Field #3: Atletico Cottage Home vs. Garfield AC

Atletico Cottage Home had a rough shake-up in the preseason that left them without both co-captains. The team pulled it together for week 1 but failed to get their footing against triumphant Garfield.

8 p.m. Games

Field #1: AC Woodruff Place vs. FC Fountain Square

New year, new manager for AC Woodruff Place. Quattrini’s first year as manager is off to a great start and team morale is high after defeating FC Fountain Square 4-1.

Field #2: Irvington FC vs. Old Speedway City

In previous years, Old Speedway City lacked any sort of rivalry. Actually, I think people may have forgotten that they were even in the league, according to the previous team manager, Jian. Old Speedway City surprised many ICF fans with an incredible 4-0 over Irvington FC. Is this the team to watch? Best not sleep on this team.

Field #3: Mass Ave United vs. Mapleton FC

After Mapleton FC’s scorched earth policy last season, teams are weary to play against them (rightfully so..but you didn’t hear that from the League). Nonetheless, Mass Ave United valiantly faced the perennial boogeyman but ultimately succumbed to Mapleton FC’s relentless strikers, losing 4-1.

And just like that... another season of Indy City Futbol begins!

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