Meet the Manager: Zach Shorter, Upper Downtown FC

Information distributors. Mediators. Example-setters. Or as we like to think of them, League ambassadors. Indy City Futbol very much appreciates the fine folks who step up as team managers, and so we'd like to highlight as many of them as we can throughout this season.

Zach Shorter, Upper Downtown FC


Years with Indy City Futbol: 


Favorite ICF memory or moments that stand out?  

First year with UDFC (year 2) we were awful, probably dead last.  When we won our first game.  Many great friendships started that year and continue.

How has ICF helped you feel more connected to your community?  

It’s made me more aware of how to find local neighborhood events.

What's your team's secret weapon? 

Wouldn’t you like to know.

Who does your team most looking forward to beating? 

We don’t necessarily look forward to beating any particular team or person.  We want to beat them all, equally. :)

Why your team will or will not raise the trophy this year?

After our first dismal year, we’ve been close to winning the title almost every year.  This year it’s ours.

Any team rituals?

Not really.