Meet the Manager: Jian Xiao, Old Speedway City

Information distributors. Mediators. Example-setters. Or as we like to think of them, League ambassadors. Indy City Futbol very much appreciates the fine folks who step up as team managers, and so we'd like to highlight as many of them as we can throughout this season.

Jian Xiao, Old Speedway City


Years playing Indy City Futbol:


Favorite ICF memory or moment that stands out?

First afterparty in 2016 and just seeing everyone hanging out at Ft. Square Brewery having a good time. 

What do you most look forward to this season? 

Getting to know and hanging out with my team after our games.

Secret weapon? 

Beer...lots of beer.

Which team do you most look forward to handing an L? 

Sporting Herron Morton, this town is only big enough for one orange team.

Why will your team raise the trophy this year? 

Probably won't but we'll try anyways. #StayHumble

Any team rituals? 

We always have an ice cream party after last game of the regular season! Needless to say, you want to play us week 12 because we usually have leftovers. :p

If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would it be?

That song "Shiny" from the Moana soundtrack.