Meet the Manager: Scott Spillman, Meridian-Kessler United

Information distributors. Mediators. Example-setters. Or as we like to think of them, League ambassadors. Indy City Futbol very much appreciates the fine folks who step up as team managers, and so we'd like to highlight as many of them as we can throughout this season.



Years playing Indy City Futbol:

3 years

What is your favorite ICF memory?

Our 2017 team entrance onto the playing field via slip n slide.

How has ICF increased your involvement in your community or enabled you to feel more connected?

I have met so many great people from our neighborhood and made new friends outside of our neighborhood, too.

What are you looking forward to this season?

Our team has great camaraderie and we enjoy playing together on the field... and then getting to the after party.

What is your team's Secret Weapon?


Who are you looking forward to HANDLING AN L?

We want to beat everyone, but if we beat Mapleton, we'd be really impressed with ourselves.

Why will your team raise the trophy this year (or not)?

We won't raise the trophy this year because we don't have any players on our team who played Division I soccer, but we're going to try hard, have fun and kill the after-parties!

Do you have any team rituals?

No, but that's a great suggestion.

Any last misc. comments/memories/ramblings/grievances?

The MKU team has gotten progressively better over the years, but we are most proud of how we all get along and make the most of the after parties!