Mass Ave Utd Superstar Returns a Year After Horrifying Injury: “Indy City Futbol Saved My Life”

Mass Ave United’s tough 2018 season might hold some hope after all. Typically a team in the running for a healthy playoff spot, a devastating injury to superstar Brady Pierce last year and the loss of Ken Dollaske to Indy City Futbol refereehood left little optimism for a good season this year.

The unexpected return of former MAU midfielder Mari Weidman was cause for some early confidence, but the team has been largely disappointed by their results thus far. However, at mid-season, the team was shocked to see Brady Pierce return to the field. After all, his 2017 injury seemed almost unrecoverable.

In the second week of 2017 play, Pierce scored twice against Atletico Cottage Home when toward the end of the game he got a hard elbow to the kidney. "It was accidental, I’m sure," said MAU team skipper Lucas Sanders. "They were both going for the ball during a tight game."

Pierce continued playing through the end of the game but afterward found himself unable to stand. After an hour of painfully lying on the ground, he sought out League Commissioner Jordan Updike.

“Brady looked as green as a Garfield AC jersey,” said the Commish. “I thought maybe he’d eaten Taco Bell recently or something.”

The Commish insisted he drive Pierce to the Medcheck by Daredevil Brewing. When they arrived, the news wasn’t good: the doctor told Pierce he was experiencing internal bleeding and he should go to the emergency room immediately.  

Brady was hesitant, but stern advice from Momma Pierce and the Commish won out. It took hours in the emergency room for doctors to figure things out, but in the long run, it turned out his kidney had 80% blockage since birth and while the elbow had caused damage, the discovery of the blockage preempted a potential kidney failure down the road. A few months and major surgery later, Pierce was healthier than he was before that fateful game, though it was expected he’d never play soccer again.

His return was not anticipated, and the League announced this year a weekly (and annual) sportsmanship award in his honor: the Brady Pierce Sportsboller of the Week.

It was a June visit to Central Green that changed his mind about playing. 

“I just couldn’t sit on the sideline and watch Sporting Herron Morton win another championship,” said Pierce.  “We’ve been so close so many times. We’ve got to win a star for [team sponsor] Kenan and KLF Legal!”

He scored two goals in his first game back, a 2-3 loss to Upper Downtown FC in week 6.  Three more regular season games will show whether his return will be worth it.

“I’m so happy to be back on the pitch with my friends and teammates," said Pierce. “But at the end of the day, I’m most grateful to be alive.  I want to find that Atletico player and shake his hand. No question, Indy City Futbol saved my life.”