Meet the Manager: Tyler Giffel, Bates-Hendricks FC

Information distributors. Mediators. Example-setters. Or as we like to think of them, League ambassadors. Indy City Futbol very much appreciates the fine folks who step up as team managers, and so we'd like to highlight as many of them as we can throughout this season.


Tyler Giffel, Bates-Hendricks FC 

Years playing Indy City Futbol: 

3 (I think? I started the 2nd season of ICF existence)

Favorite ICF memory or moment that stands out?

When Kanye gave Bates-Hendricks a shout out on Twitter, then President Trump retweeted it and CNN talked about it for 4.5 hours. We've had the most Twitter followers since.

How has ICF enabled you to feel more connected to the city/your community? 

I've been able to meet neighbors and make friends. I've also been able to connect neighbors with our active neighborhood association to help develop the area.

What do you most look forward to this season? 

Well, the season has already started and what I was looking forward to has passed. That is, having everybody attend our sponsor Bowhaus Tap (formerly known as Bryant's Friendly Inn). It's a true dive bar in our neighborhood, complete with uneven sticky floors, vinyl siding, cheap buckets of Natty Ice or Busch and local regulars.

Secret weapon? 


Who is your League rival? 

Scott Spillman. That north side do-gooder and his team can get off my lawn.

Why will your team raise the trophy this year? 

We already rose the trophy when we crushed the inferior FC Foutain Square and spent the afterparty drinking self-proclaimed socialist and former (at the time) FC Fountain Square player David's tears. 

Any team rituals? 

Well, one of our players tried sacrificing some Bates-Hendricks feral cats in season one. I'm pretty sure that backfired and the cats cursed us.  The neighborhood association recently discovered that the cats actually run the neighborhood through some dark germanic mystical forces and it took our recent two-game winning streak to break the curse. Sam will also speak in tongues and bless each player before the game.

If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would it be?

Ultralight Beam


Any last misc. comments/memories/ramblings/grievances?

Everyone should read "The Road to Serfdom" by Hayek, On Liberty by John Stuart Mill and Federalist No. 46. Also, 808s & Heartbreak is the greatest album of all time.