Meet the Manager: Colton Vincent, Midtown FC

Information distributors. Mediators. Example-setters. Or as we like to think of them, League ambassadors. Indy City Futbol very much appreciates the fine folks who step up as team managers, and so we'd like to highlight as many of them as we can throughout this season.


Colton Vincent, Midtown FC

Years playing Indy City Futbol: 

3 total: 2 with Real West, 1 with Midtown FC.

Favorite ICF memory or moment that stands out? 

I'm normally not much of an aerial threat but last season I scored a miraculous looping header from way too far out to be reasonable.

How has ICF made you feel more connected to the city/your community? 

I have been able to meet lots of new people and have fun in this wonderful city playing a sport that I love.

What's your team's secret weapon?

I believe each member of the team has their own secret weapon, in their sock. (It's Odor-Eaters.) 

Which professional wrestler do you most identify with?

Easy, Val Venis aka The Big Valbowski

Who is your League rival? 

The Pink Team.

Why will your team raise the trophy this year? 

Because Zlatan said so.

Any team rituals? 

The team watches hours of Roberto Baggio highlights per week, and if we lift the trophy this year we will all get his famous haircut.

What would the name of your team's debut album be?


If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you want?

No dressing allowed, or cheese, or croutons, or any nightshade vegetables that could cause swelling. I hired Tom Brady's nutritionist.

Any last misc. comments/memories/ramblings/grievances?

We have set a few records this season already, most of which I am proud of. Vic scored likely the fastest hat-trick in league history in less than 5 minutes. Nate scored what is likely the longest goal in league history, yards from his own goal line.