Mapleton FC is an ICF original. In 2014, Mapleton set the standard for elite regular season play with perfection.

Eleven played. Eleven won. Zero points dropped.

And they would have gotten away with a championship too, if it wasn’t for those pesky playoffs. 

The team colors are Sky Blue and Black.

The sky blue of the team crest stems from the neighborhood’s association with the waterway that bounds the neighborhood’s eastern border, and the while the black represents the asphalt streets that bound the tight grids of houses in this dense near-downtown neighborhood. The maple leaf comes from the neighborhood’s moniker as opposed to the unconfirmed rumors of this team’s deep-lying Canadian heritage. Such an association, however, would explain their ability to strive for Gordie Howe-level of dominance while also displaying appropriate politeness to opponents and officials alike. 

You are considered a resident of this team if you live: Mapleton Fall Creek, Fall Creek Place, Meridian Highland, Highland Vicinity, Crown Hill, and can include Zip codes 46205 or 46218. 

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The triangular area bounded by 38th Street on the north, Meridian Street on the west, and Fall Creek Parkway on the southeast, is now known as the Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood.  The name was not attached to the area until the 1960s when local residents formed a neighborhood organization. They adopted a name from a nearby 19th century village and the waterway that bounds the neighborhood on the east.

Several of the most famous Hoosiers of all time permanently reside in Mapleton at Crown Hill Cemetery. Dedicated in 1864, Crown Hill is likely the most well-known cemetery in Indianapolis. Among those interred at the site include former President Benjamin Harrison, Colonel Eli Lilly, outlaw John Dillenger, and poet James Whitcomb Riley. 

As recently as 2000, Fall Creek Place neighborhood was known as "Dodge City '' because of its high crime rate. While many families continued to live in the area, vast portions of the neighborhood consisted of vacant lots and boarded-up homes--the result of decades of disinvestment. In July of 2001, with help from a $4 million Home Ownership Zone grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Fall Creek Place development began.Vacant lots, abandoned homes and dilapidated homes were acquired, new streets, sidewalks, lighting, utilities, and trees were installed, and special financing packages were assembled for homebuyers. Today, more than 400 new families join many long-time residents in calling the neighborhood home. Residents enjoy an urban lifestyle, living mere minutes from the exciting shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities that abound in downtown Indianapolis. 

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