Offseason X

Offseason X is our first attempt to make the offseason recruitment process fun, entertaining, and competitive: help your team grow its neighborhood impact, get to know your neighbors and teammates, and earn the 8th bye in the Indy Cup!

Which team will win the first offseason tournament in ICF history?

Here's how it works: each team will earn points for the players, hooligans, owners, and supporters who've pre-registered and registered during the offseason. Teams can earn additional points together doing activities geared towards prepping for Season X; managers submit the point tallies for offseason standings.

Category Deadline Points
Recruit Neighborhood Player 4/23 5
Recruit Loaned Player 4/23 2
Recruit Owner 4/1 4
Recruit Hooligan 5/17 3
Recruit Supporter 5/17 1
Each pre-registered owner/player/hooligan  3/17 +1
Present at neighborhood association meeting 5/1 15
Do referee training 5/17 10
Do Red Cross CPR training 5/17 10
Recruit Team Sponsor 4/1 25
Recruit League Sponsor 5/1 50
Choose team annual cause 5/1 10
Choose team neighborhood event 5/1 10
Submit Season X League event 5/1 10
Give blood 5/17 5
Sign up for Big Brother Big Sister 5/1 10
Attend KIB project 5/17 5
Submit Offseason activity suggestion 5/17 5
Sign up for Season X volunteerism 5/1 10
Coordinate your team Indy Parks list 5/1 10
Attend offseason event (per person) 5/17 1
Team meetup at neighborhood brewery (per person) 5/17 1
Win Hooligames event 5/17 10
Post/tag @indycityfutbol on socials 4/1 3
Attend Indy 11 game 5/17 5
Buy Indy 11 Season Tickets  4/1 25
Attend Big Car event 5/17 5


Questions? Ask your manager, or email
*This is a beta program, so all suggestions for next year's tourney are welcome!