Season X: Free Agent (Pre-Registration)
Season X: Free Agent (Pre-Registration)
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Season X: Free Agent (Pre-Registration)

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Don't know which team to play for?
Live outside the ICF map?

You've come to the right place!
Sign up here, and we'll assign you to a club.

There are 4 free agent roles you can play in City Futbol:

Club Owner

Being part of club ownership means exclusive perks, swag, and discounts, club level decision-making votes, and the ability to earn points for your club remotely. Don't live in Indy? Want the real-life version of Football Manager? Club Ownership is for you.

Loaned Player

While the core mission of ICF has always been focused on neighborhood players, the rules do allow for non-neighborhood players to join. If you're not currently represented by a neighborhood, or you're playing your club's territory, choose this option.


Formerly "Non-Playing Team Members, we're taking back the term Hooligan (Humans Out Organizing Local Involvement, Giving, and Neighborhood Soccer) to mean an energetic superfan who can earn points for their team off the field through volunteerism, transit, and social events. Hooligans do everything players do except play futbol.


Join your neighborhood club's supporters group to keep up on local events, club and League news, and occasional discounts on swag!  There's no charge for just have to sign up.


*Purchasing a pre-registration secures your Season X spot, but will still require going through the registration process at a later date. 

Questions? Hit us up on the chat below.