These rules have largely been the same since day 1 of the League...but every year we make a few adjustments here and there. Be sure to read EVERY rule. You're responsible for knowing each rule here.

All games are scheduled for Wednesdays at 6, 7 and 8. 

Games will consist of two equal halves of 24 minutes with a 2-minute intermission.

Teams should be at the field 15 minutes prior to the start of their game.  

Games cancelled due to excessive rain or severe weather will not be made up. Decisions to cancel games are at the sole discretion of the League Commissioner or his designated appointees. The League Commissioner will notify captains of any decision by 4:45 pm before kick-offs. Refunds are not given for cancelled games [2019].

Teams will receive 3 points for a victory, 1 point for a tie. There are no overtime periods or shootouts for regular season games [2019].  At the conclusion of each game the game official will note the game result and the score and relay this to the Commissioner.

Teams may earn additional points by using responsible transport (carpooling, bikes, public transit, etc.) and by volunteering during team volunteer events. Official volunteer opportunities will be publicly posted by the League and participation reported by team managers. Managers may request their neighborhood's volunteer events qualify as official opportunities to earn additional points. Players earn 2x volunteer points for official events.

Individuals may report their mode of transit at the check-in table each Wednesday, or have their manager report for the team.  Any transit points MUST be reported by noon the Thursday after they were earned. No exceptions. 

Seeding in the playoffs will be determined by the points achieved during the regular season.  In the event of a tie in point totals, the following will be used to break the tie: goals for; goals against; head to head result; managers arm wrestle.

NO player is permitted to play unless they have signed the Hold Harmless Waiver and paid the registration fee fully. Discovery of an unregistered player will result in the forfeiture of the game and red card for the team manager.

Each team must have at least 12 registered players. They may have up to 18. The Commissioner has the authority to allow for special circumstances regarding team make-up and partial registrations [2019].

Keeping with the intent of the community organizing origins of the league, each team is allowed only 8 non-neighborhood residents on their roster.

All teams will be required to have a team manager.  These individuals will be responsible to enforce the compliance of all League rules, ensure that players have signed the Hold Harmless waiver before playing, that players are familiar with the rules, and are the only players eligible to resolve conflicts with the refs and with the League. Managers will also be responsible for approving game cards [2019].

Registrations will close and players will not be allowed to sub in for other teams after Week 9. Prior to Week 9, manager must mutually agree to team rosters prior to the beginning of the match.

The Commissioner has—and has always had—authority to amend these rules, remove players from games and/or the League at his or her discretion. 

Game Rules

DON’T BE A JERK. This is a recreational experience meant for enjoyment. Jerks will not be tolerated.

Overly physical play. 
Harassment of, and/or arguing with referees, league officials, volunteers, etc.
Aggressive behavior (verbal and otherwise) including cursing at team mates, referees, volunteers, and league officials.
Arguing about rules w/the guy who wrote the rules.
Inappropriate social media behavior.
Kicking a ball out of bounds and not retrieving it.
Excessive celebration—especially when your team is up by multiple goals.
Taunting, and/or complaining about yellow-cards.

While close instances of offsides are not called, players who are consistently and/or significantly behind the defense will be called for cherry-picking. If the team gains an advantage on the play, it is considered cherry-picking [2019].

Slide tackling is not permitted.  Players must remain on their feet when challenging for a ball. Players are not allowed to play the ball if they are on the ground and playing the ball would endanger other players [2019].

The game official reserves will issue traditional cards (yellow/red) for players who do not conform with the rules. An individual who receives a yellow card will be required to have a conversation with the Commissioner and/or Vice Commissioner before returning to play [2019].  Two yellow cards = an automatic red card.  Individuals receiving a red card will not be allowed to play the next game and the team will play one same-sexed player down (i.e. if a female is ejected, the team will play a female down...or vice versa). Two red cards will be cause for automatic ejection from the league. 


A player will be prohibited from future play for continuous or excessive physical play.

Aggressive physical play may include: excessive use of hands on another player, shouldering and any other unnecessary physical contact or using unnecessary speed or force [2019].

If a player could potentially hurt someone during play, he or she should let up to prevent physical contact/injury.  Repeated endangerment of other players is considered aggressive behavior [2018]

Kicks must not be above the waist when other players are present. [2018]

Serious trash talking, taunting, and or cursing at referees, league office, or volunteers is not tolerated and will result in a player’s immediate removal from the game [2019].


Games are 8 on 8. Each team will field a team of 7 players and 1 goalkeeper (clearly delineated with a different-colored shirt).

A team must have at least 6 players to avoid a forfeit. In the case of a forfeit, teams can still play but for the purpose of official records it will be recorded as a loss.

Each team must have at least 2 members of the opposite sex on the field during play. If a team only has 1 member of the opposite sex then they can only field 7 players (6 of the one sex and 1 of the minority sex). If a team has no members of the opposite sex, it is a forfeit.

Only managers are allowed to speak to referees during game play. [2018]

Goalkeepers are not permitted to punt or drop kick the ball. They may only throw, roll, or pass the ball from the ground. [2019] 

A field player can not challenge the goalie once he has obtained possession of the ball or played the ball.

On goal kicks, the other team's players must retreat behind midfield. If a player is caught behind the midfield, they may not play the ball until they have crossed the midfield line [2019]. Once the ball is touched, normal play resumes. If the team with the goal kick wants to kick the ball before the other team reaches midfield, they may.

Field size is reduced from the standard recommended dimensions to 160ft by 240ft.

Size of the goals are reduced from standard size to 6.5' x 18'.

Penalty kicks will be taken 10 yards from the goal.

There will only be direct kicks.

Unlimited substitutions can be made at will during stoppages. Substitutions will be made from midfield, and can be made “hockey-style” during play, so long as it does not give that team an advantage or interfere with play.

Off-sides penalty is not enforced.  See above for cherry-picking rules.

Player are expected to be courteous, appreciate the recreational nature of the game and officiate themselves to the best of their ability.

‘You kick it you get it.’ The player that kicks the ball past a goal line is responsible for its retrieval.

Game officials will address both teams before and after the match to go over the league rules and to ensure that there all players are officially on the roster.

Cleats and shin guards are encouraged but not mandatory.

Most importantly: HAVE FUN!