Indy City Futbol is made up of 18 neighborhood teams.
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The center of downtown Indianapolis is bordered by East, West, North and South streets. Whether you live inside the downtown borders or out, this is your team!

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46204.

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AC Woodruff Place

This gracious historic community, located just one mile east of downtown Indianapolis, is recognized as Indianapolis's first planned residential suburb. In a beautiful park-like setting, you will find fine examples of lovely Victorian era homes, esplanades with fountains and statuary, and an ambiance that is unlike any other.  Woodruff Place was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. 

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Atletico Cottage Home

Cottage Home Neighborhood is a Near Eastside historic neighborhood bounded by 10th, Oriental, and Michigan Streets, and I-70. The area takes its name from the style of houses built here between 1870 and 1900. Early residents built modest frame cottage in a variety of styles, including shotgun and Queen Anne vernacular. Many of the cottages feature turned posts and spindles, gingerbread trim porches, brackets, and fishscale shingles.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code(s): 46201, 46202.

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Bates-Hendricks FC

Bates-Hendricks is an up-and-coming neighborhood on the near south side of Indianapolis.  With an active neighborhood association, project grants from the Lilly Foundation, and recognition from the City of Indianapolis, Bates-Hendricks is poised for rejuvenation.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46225, 46203.

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Broad Ripple City

Broad Ripple Village is one of six areas designated as cultural districts in Indianapolis, Indiana. Located about six miles north of Downtown Indianapolis, Broad Ripple was established in 1837 as an independent municipality and annexed to the city of Indianapolis in 1922. The neighborhood has a reputation for being socially, economically, and ethnically diverse and is thus generally associated with its vibrant social scene and progressive political attitudes.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46220.

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FC Fountain Square

Only a mile and a half from downtown Indianapolis, Fountain Square is located at the intersection of Virginia Avenue at Shelby and Prospect Streets. Fountain Square was the first commercial historic district in Indiana, its existing buildings span more than a century of development from 1871 to the present. Today, Fountain Square is one of the six Indianapolis Cultural Districts and is linked to the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a world class urban bike and pedestrian path that connects to downtown Indianapolis.  The commercial district is poised once again for reinvestment and improvement to continue the tradition as a vibrant entertainment area.

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Garfield AC

The Garfield Park Neighborhood is a diverse community of both residential and business members, representing a geographic area at the confluence of Pleasant Run and Bean Creeks on the near Southside of Indianapolis.  With a great and historic tradition of gathering southern Indy residents in one place, this is the team to join if you're a south sider!

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46203, 46225.

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Irvington FC

Irvington is a historic suburb located on the western edge of Warren Township, approximately five miles east of downtown Indianapolis.  It is primarily a residential neighborhood that is bisected by Washington Street, a major east-west traffic thoroughfare.

 You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46219.

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Mapleton FC

The triangular area bounded by 38th Street on the north, Meridian Street on the west, and Fall Creek Parkway on the southeast, is now known as the Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood.  The name was not attached to the area until the 1960s when local residents formed a neighborhood organization. They adopted a name from a nearby 19th century village and the waterway that bounds the neighborhood on the east.

As recently as 2000, Fall Creek Place neighborhood was known as "Dodge City" because of its high crime rate. While many families continued to live in the area, vast portions of the neighborhood were comprised of vacant lots and boarded-up homes--the result of decades of disinvestment. In July of 2001, with help from a $4 million Home Ownership Zone grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Fall Creek Place development began.Vacant lots, abandoned homes and dilapidated homes were acquired, new streets, sidewalks, lighting, utilities, and trees were installed, and special financing packages were assembled for homebuyers. Today, more than 400 new families join many long-time residents in calling the neighborhood home. Residents enjoy an urban lifestyle, living mere minutes from the exciting shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities that abound in downtown Indianapolis.

You are considered a resident player if you live in the zip code: 46205 or 46218

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Mass Ave United

The Massachusetts Avenue Neighborhood, affectionately known as Mass Ave, is widely regarded as an arts district and offers many of the city's best collections of galleries and performance venues. Mass Ave welcomes diversity in all forms and actively seeks to maintain a balance between generations, cultures and socio-economic groups.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46204, 46202.

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Meridian-Kessler United

The area known as Meridian Kessler is a neighborhood of interesting variety with its 6,000 homes and 15,000 residents. It's far enough from downtown to be thoroughly residential and near enough to be completely urban, with gracious green spaces. The area's western boundary is historic Meridian Street, known for its distinguished homes and as the site of the Governor's Residence. The southern border is 38th Street, a major artery. On the north is Kessler Boulevard. The eastern border is a linear recreational park, the Monon Trail.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46205, 46220.

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Midtown FC

Midtown is comprised of 17 neighborhoods, many of which are already represented in the League by Broad Ripple City, Meridian Kessler United and Mapleton FC.  But these are more than just neighborhoods; they are destinations. With quaint business corners, museums, local restaurants and more, Midtown draws in visitors from surrounding areas and beyond.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46205, 46220.

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Old North United

Just north of the downtown Indianapolis area, the Old Northside was the home of the principal leaders of Indianapolis social, political, commercial, and industrial life, as well as the location of leading religious and educational institutions.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46202.

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Old Speedway City

Speedway City became a town in 1926 and remains a town governed by a Town Manager, Town Council, and Clerk Treasurer. The boundaries for the original platted city were Main Street to Winton Avenue, and 10th to 16th Streets.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46222, 46224.

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Real Fletcher Place

Fletcher Place derives its name from Calvin Fletcher, Sr. (1798-1866), whose farm originally encompassed most of the land in the area. The early settlement of what was to become Fletcher Place started with the Fletcher farm, known as Woodlawn.

The borders of Fletcher Place are Louisiana Street to the North, I-65 to the South, East Street to the West and I-70/I-65 to the East. The streets west of South College Avenue run north-south and east-west, while most streets east of South College Avenue are oriented to the diagonal axis of Virginia Avenue.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46203.

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Real West

The Near Westside is bounded by 16th Street to the north, Tibbs Avenue to the west, Washington Street to the south, and White River to the east; it includes three historically distinct neighborhoods: Haughville, Stringtown, and Mt. Jackson.

Historically, Haughville was the area south of 10th Street and north of Michigan Street, between Tibbs and Belmont Avenues.  The entire area north of 10th Street is commonly referred to as North Haughville, although it was not part of the earliest settlement.  The Stringtown area is typically defined as the area west of the White River, south of Michigan, east of Belmont, and north of Washington Street.  The area east of Belmont, between Michigan and 10th Streets, is sometimes included with Haughville and sometimes with Stringtown, depending on which source is consulted.  The area originally settled as the town of Mt. Jackson is now known as the Hawthorne or West Washington neighborhood.  Its boundaries are the old Big Four tracks to the north, Warman Avenue to the west, the Penn Central tracks to the south and Belmont Avenue to the east.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46222, 46224.

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Sporting Herron Morton

Herron-Morton Place is a historic district in Indianapolis, Indiana, dedicated to restoration and renewal. The boundaries of the neighborhood are East 16th Street on the south, East 22nd Street on the north, the alley west of North Pennsylvania on the west, and the alley east of Central Avenue on the east.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46202.

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Upper Downtown FC

Upper Downtown FC draws from the neighborhoods north of the mile square but south of the highway: Ransom Place, Upper Canal, St. Joseph, Renaissance Place and Chatham Arch. This new collaboration of these historic districts is sure to create some intriguing connections across the north side of downtown.

You are considered a resident if you live in the zip code: 46202, 46204.

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